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About Us

Women Equipped is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charity supporting vulnerable families in the Addis Ababa area of Ethiopia, primarily through micro grants for small business creation, and through education and nutrition support for families who participate in our program. Our focus is primarily on women-led households. We provide business training and community support for the people we serve, enabling them to achieve the financial independence and stability that will create opportunities for their families and for their wider community.

We also provide sponsorships to meet the health, nutrition, and education needs of children involved in our program, alleviating economic stress as mothers build their businesses, and help families purchase school uniforms so their children can receive the education they need to build bright futures.


Businesses Launched


Micro Grants Made


School Uniforms Provided

Equipped for Success

Women Equipped focuses on programs that support each woman we work with to tell us what she needs to feel equipped for her own success.


Our Micro-grant Program allows for the flexibility needed for each small business. Our small scale allows for minimal overhead and maximum impact. Grants are typically tied to training received as part of our Small Business Development Program so that the training participants can go on to launch their businesses. They later receive individualized follow-up training, and have access to the counsel of our in-country team in the meantime. Participants provide updates on their progress for the first year after receiving their grant, and most also agree to serve as mentors to future trainees opening similar businesses.

Short-Term Sponsorship

Women Equipped provides Short-Term Sponsorships (6-12 month) for the children in our families to offset education and nutrition costs as their mothers develop and expand their businesses. These sponsorships are offered on a case-by-case basis, and determined by the needs and vulnerabilities of each individual family.

Small Business Development

Our Women’s Groups make up the heart of Women Equipped’s work. Our in-country director and her team are responsible for selecting candidates. These groups are generally made up of between three and six women who are responsible for developing a viable plan for starting or expanding a small business. We build our groups with members of the same community – neighbors, or sometimes members of the same family – so they can provide each other with day-to-day support during their business development process.

Children’s School Uniforms

Schooling is provided by the government in Addis Ababa, but uniforms are not, and they are required for each child who attends school. We help purchase Children’s School Uniforms and remove that barrier to a proper education.

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