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Helen's Story

Helen was born in1993 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Both of her parents passed away when she was a young child. Helen and her brother were left with only their stepmother. While with her, they did have a roof over their heads but were unable to get the love and support all children deserve and need. Showing great intelligence, grit, and determination Helen and her brother identified and contacted an NGO that provided group homes for orphaned children. Hope for Children accepted Helen into the residential program and supported her brother in getting an education off-site. Helen says that it was hard to get accustomed to living with seven other children and to be separated from her brother but the support she found in the group home was much more than she ever received in her stepmother’s house. Hope for Children promised to support her through her education, and she is grateful that they have. During high school Helen took the brave step to become an exchange student in the US. She attended one year of high school in North Carolina. While there she was diligent in her studies and took the opportunity to mentor several Ethiopian adoptees who were members of her host family and family friends. Her influence on these children endures. She instilled in them a deep pride in their homeland and their culture as well as a quiet understanding of the loss they have suffered early in life. Back in Ethiopia, Helen undertook exams to enter university. She excelled and is currently a senior civil engineering student at Gondar University. She will graduate in three months.

 Helen says that she has been determined to change her life since childhood. Though law school is a goal for the future, Helen has used her natural ambition and drive combined with her education to develop a plan to become an entrepreneur, a coffee shop with future plans to expand into a café business. She has worked with mentors in the US as well as an NGO in Ethiopia that trains women entrepreneurs to develop a detailed business plan, budget, and financial forecast. In the words of one of her mentors, “Helen is a natural entrepreneur. She is self-motivated, determined, creative, and smart. She is incredibly brave while being completely level-headed. I have full confidence that her coffee shop will be a great success and that one day I will be reading about her highly successful law career.”


Please partner with Helen's US-based and Ethiopian mentors - and awed friends - in supporting Helen's dream to become an entrepreneur, while shocacsing Ethiopia's amazing gift to the world - coffee!

All donations are tax deductible.

Amsegenalo - Thank you!!

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Women Equipped believes:

  • Real help means a sustainable investment; doing good over the long term. 
  • Enduring change starts with offering women and families the opportunity to build a better life for themselves and their children. 
  • Every child has a right to be raised in a loving family, and that the best place for most children is in their family and culture of origin. 

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